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About us

First moment

In 1989, Hubert Winters and Evert Jan Robberts, began with the production of biological pollinators (bumblebees). These biological pollinators were deployed for a natural and effective pollination. That is how it all began.


Since 1990, foreign productions set up in Israel, France and Japan. Up to the present day this offers benefits like high quality products and security of supply to our customers.

Natural enemies

Since 1990, several innovative natural enemies have been discover and developed. Its all about quality and the development of new products what contributes to the organisation.

New group of products

2013, new products have been developed and the organisation created a new systematic approach with microorganisms and organic material. In 2014, the organisation launched the fytopro system, which shows the innovative nature of the organisation.

Biopol Natural

Over the years, the organisation always stimulated an systematic approach. This approach is realized by adding a new system of microorganisms and organic material. Due to this system approach, the organization will continue its business under the name Biopol Natural.


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