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Amblyseius andersoni

Amblyseius andersoni is a predatory mite that is widely deployed. Because of its generalist character, this predatory mite is suitable for biological controlling of spider mites and gall midges. Well-known spider mites are Tetranychus urticae and Panonychus ulmi

Life cycle and relative effectiveness 

An adult has a beige colour and a size of 0.5 - 1 mm. The female adults lay their eggs closely to the veins of the leaves. Within one life cycle, an female adult can product 30 – 35 eggs. The life cycle consists out of: egg, larvae, nymphs and adult stage. And adult lives for about three weeks and consumes various food sources. 

Application and dose 

Slightly shaken before use. Scatter the materials on the leaves. 

Storage and handling 

Amblyseius andersoni supplied in bottles (1.000 ml.), containing 50.000 predatory mites (nymphs and adults). Keep the bottles horizontally, in darkness, at a temperature between 10°C – 15°C. Maximum storage time of two days. 

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