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Amblyseius degenerans

Amblyseius degenerans is a predatory mite that can be used against several species of thrips. The predatory mite consumes preferably first and second larval stage thrips. Adults are dark brown coloured. The eggs are transparent and later partly colour brown. The larvae has a distinguished brown colour and x-shaped marking on the back. 

Life cycle and relative effectiveness 

An female adult lays her eggs in heaps on the bottom side of the leaves. Evolved from egg to adult will take approximately 50 days. Amblyseius degenerans is extremely active, especially in flowers and on the bottom side of the leaves. The predatory mite also consumes spider mites and pollen, which makes it highly suitable as a preventive measure. Even before observation of the first thrips in the crop. 

Application and dose 

Amblyseius degenerans is resistant to a low humidity. The predatory mites have no diapause, which makes them suitable for the early season. Amblyseius degenerans is highly sensitive to the use of some chemicals. The materials must be slightly turned and shaken before application. 

Storage and handling 

Amblyseius degenerans supplied in bottles (100 ml), containing 500 predatory mites (all stages). Keep the bottles horizontally, in darkness, at a temperature between 8°C – 10°C. Maximum storage time of two days.

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