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Aphidius ervi

Aphidius ervi is a parasitic wasp used in the controlling of aphids, especially Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Aulacorthum solani. Adults are black coloured and twice as big as Aphidius colemani. All other stages than the adult stage, will develop inside the host. 

Life cycle and relative effectiveness 

Parasitized aphids will swell up and turn into a leather-like, grey or brown coloured mummy. The parasitic wasp will leave the mummy as soon as possible when it became an adult. Within two weeks after introducing Aphidius ervi, the first mummies can be seen in the crops. Aphidius ervi is especially effective in the early stage of the aphid infestation. 

Application and dose 

The performance of aphidius ervi will decrease considerably due to temperatures above 30ºC. Make sure the materials will be plotted in the early morning of evening. 

Storage and handling 

Aphidius ervi supplied in bottles (250 ml.) containing 500 mummies. Keep the bottles horizontally, in darkness, at a temperature between 8°C – 10°C. Maximum storage time of two days 

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