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Diglyphus isaea

Diglyphus isaea is a parasitic wasp used in the biological controlling of leaf miner. Diglyphus prefers the second and third larval stages. Adults are 2-3 mm. in length, metallic green coloured, with short firm antennae and large eyes. Al other life stages than the adult stage will develop within the mine. 

Life cycle and relative effectiveness 

The female adult paralyses the leaf miner (larval stage) in the mine and lays her egg beside it. The egg develops into a parasitic wasp, inside the mine while it uses the leaf miner larva as food. Host feed also occurs, which slows the development of the leaf miner population considerably. Mainly use diglyphus in the spring and in the summer. At higher temperatures, the population develops faster than the leaf miner population. Approximately a fortnight after introducing, the first mines with dead larvae appear in the crop. The pupae become visible by holding the leaves to the light. 

Application and dose 

Introduce diglyphus (preferably) in the early morning or evening. Make sure diglyphus isaea fly out into the crop while moving through the crop. 

Storage and handling 

Diglyphus isaea supplied in bottles (100 ml.), containing 500 adults. Keep the bottles horizontally, in darkness, at a temperature between 8°C – 10°C. Maximum storage time of two days

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