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Fytopro system

It is important to add microbial organisms to stabilise the biological balance in the growing medium. Particularly in traditional cultivation on substrate (mineral wool, perlite and coconut), the sterile environment can contribute to development of the Fusarium fungus.

Biopol Natural has developed the fytopro system to contribute to a vital plant and soil structure. This integral approach stimulates biodiversity in the growing medium, the soil and plant vitality and thus the productivity of the crop. Growers and the market set ever higher demands on sustainable production and quality. A strong, healthy plant has a crucial role in this.

In the column on the left you will find information about the products deployed in the fytopro system. These products have been specially developed to reinforce each other and so to ensure their effectiveness.

More information, including images and other multimedia, can be found at www.fytopro.com 

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