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Total plant health

Biopol Natural contributes to sustainable agriculture and horticulture by providing high-quality products which are safe for humans and the environment.

Our products meet the requirements you set concerning food safety, the environment, residues and quality. 


First moment

In 1989, Hubert Winters and Evert Jan Robberts, began with the production of biological pollinators (bumblebees). These biological pollinators were deployed for a natural and effective pollination. That is how it all began.


Since 1990, foreign productions set up in Israel, France and Japan. Up to the present day this offers benefits like high quality products and security of supply to our customers.

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Nieuw in ons assortiment; BOMBUS+ een speciaal geselecteerd groter volk voor gewassen met veel bloemen. Lees verder op onze website; https://bit.ly/2DtZwhE

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Binnenkort verkrijgbaar

BOMBUS+ binnenkort verkrijgbaar; speciaal geselecteerde volken voor gewassen met veel bloemen!

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