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Leaf miner

These Gracillariidae (leaf miners) are very common in vegetable crops, such as aubergine and tomato. With their jaws, the larvae can cause considerable damage to leaves and fruit (due to mining). Originally the Gracillariidae come from Latin America. In addition to the primary damage already mentioned, secondary damage can also occur such as bacteria transmission and production loss.

Life cycle

The life cycle of the female is as follows: egg, larval stages (L1 - L4), pupal stage and adult. The adults are usually active at night and lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves. In the larval stages, the insects can exit the mine channels due to moults. 

Damage scenarios

  • Mine channels throughout the plant. After a while the leaves become brown. This hinders photosynthesis.
  • Holes in plants, leaves and fruit.
  • Crops may rot due to the transmission of bacteria and fungi. 


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