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Feromoon Tuta absoluta (OPTIMA)

The most optimized Tuta absoluta-pheromone to monitor, catch and remove Tuta absoluta. One advantage of this pheromone is, that it has a significantly longer residual effect, even in a warmer climate under high pressure. Product sheet.


  • Increased effect, which optimizes the removal
  • Longer residual effect, in covered and uncovered cultivation
  • Constant distribution to ensure an optimal effect during its active period

Product information

parcel with 4 pheromones


Tutasan is often used to control, among other, the miner moth Tuta absoluta. This product has been purposely developed to monitor, catch and remove various moths.

The system has a unique effect because of its overflow system, which guarantees the water level and in doing so effectively contributes to the control of Tuta absoluta. Product sheet.


The product comes in various sizes. Because of its great reliability, uniform effect and glue type, this product, in all its diversity, is ideal to use. Besides the different lengths and widths (≥ 5 cm), the catch tapes are also available in various colours, among which blue and yellow.

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