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Product information

- Predatory mite Neoseiulus californicus
- Improved product composition
- Contains 100 predatory mites per sachets
- Increased rate ≥ 1.000 predatory mites 

MICALI – PLUS is an exclusive product. Through its unique product composition, this predatory mite can be highly effective at high temperatures and humidity. 

“MICALI – PLUS goes beyond! Strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity has no influence on the development of MICALI – PLUS. MICALI – PLUS provides an excellent basis for the control of spider mites in vegetables and ornamentals.” 

Neoseiulus californicus is a predatory mite used against all stages of several species of spider mites. Neoseiulus californicus prefers the younger stages of spider mites. It can also survive on other mites and pollen or fast for some time. MICALI – PLUS is highly effective in combination with Phytoseiulus persimilis.

Product features

- Optimal release rate
- Improved product composition
- Improved packaging 


- Avoid direct sunlight on the sachets
- Use MICALI – PLUS preventatively as basic strategy
- MICALI – PLUS can be hung on various places in the crop
- Firm hook that can withstand heavy crop activities

Storage and handling 

MICALI – PLUS is now available per box, with a capacity of 500 sachets. Shelf-life is 1 to 2 days at a temperature of 8°C – 10°C. There must be sufficient ventilation due to CO2 accumulation. Hold on to the hook when introducing MICALI – PLUS in the crop.

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