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Orius majusculus

Orius majusculus feeds themselves with pollen, spider mites and various small insects, especially thrips. Orius majusculus is one of the few natural enemies who is able to control the adult thrips. In one year, two generations spawned. Orius is very active during the early spring. The size varies from 2.5 – 3 mm. wherein the females are larger than the males. 

Life cycle and relative effectiveness 

An adult (female) is able to produce 1 – 4 eggs per day and places them mostly along veins. The life cycle consists out of: egg, nymph stages and adult. At optimal conditions (22°C - 25°C) these predatory mite is able to develop within three weeks. 

Application and dose 

Slightly shaken before use. Create enough heaps during application and ensure that it will remain for several days. This increases the effectiveness of orius majusculus

Storage and handling 

Orius majusculus supplied in bottles (250 ml.), containing 500 or 1.000 predatory bugs (adults en nympf). Keep the bottles horizontally, in darkness, at a temperature between 10°C – 15°C. Maximum storage time of two days. 

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