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Sciara fly

Sciara flies have long feelers and long legs. Scaria are a particular pest to young plant material. These midges can cause damage to roots and plant tissue by drilling holes in the roots, leaves or stems. This can hinder the growth of the plant considerably and in addition, bacteria and fungi can easily penetrate the plant at the feeding damage locations. 

Life cycle

The sciara fly has the following life cycle: egg stage, four larval stages, pupal stage and adult. The eggs are usually laid in the ground or in the substrate, because this environment is favourable – it is warm, humid and in the vicinity of plants. The larvae feed on organic and living material and have a striking black head.

Damage scenarios

  • Feeding damage to roots and plant tissue.
  • Increased activity of bacterial and fungal disease such as Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora.
  • Midges can settle optimally in perennial crops.


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